Pascale St-Onge
Hon. Pascale St-Onge
Member of Parliament for Brome—Missisquoi
About Pascale St-Onge
When Pascale St-Onge ran for Secretary General (2012) and then President (2015 and 2018) of the National Federation of Communications and Culture (FNCC-CSN), she had a very specific goal in mind: to find answers to the crisis facing the media and newspapers, and to the economic difficulties affecting the cultural sector.

Results-oriented and a strong consensus builder around effective and concrete solutions, Pascale St-Onge has many accomplishments as an FNCC-CSN leader. She has overseen several expert studies aimed at developing innovative public policies, participated in the development and adoption of programs to support the print media, and contributed to the implementation of policies and programs to help our media and culture adapt to the upheaval caused by digital platforms. In addition, with the support of her colleagues, partners, and employees of the Capitales Media Group newspapers that were in a state of bankruptcy, Pascale developed the plan to buy out and transform the Group into a cooperative that allowed the newspapers to survive and continue their mission.

Having a bachelor's degree in literary studies and a certificate in journalism, plus her years as a musician, did not necessarily herald such a career path, but it was her deep-rooted values of equity, democracy and social justice that made her choose social and political engagement.

Based in Orford since 2018, she practices several outdoor activities and she now wants to work, alongside Justin Trudeau and his team, to revive Brome-Missisquoi so that it is green, feminist, equitable and inclusive. To do so, she intends to focus on local businesses and industries, tourism and cultural life, agriculture, and on the promotion of our region.
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